In response to the recent Dr. Oz LASIK

In response to the recent Dr. Oz LASIK show.

Every news reporter and/or variety show celebrity is always looking for THE story. They use scare tactics or other means to get the numbers up and viewers interested. Dr. Oz’s recent story on Lasik evidently is no exception. In fact, this show went so far as portray LASIK as dangerous and ineffective.

According to Joseph Ceravolo, MD, founder and surgeon at North Columbus Eye Center “Lasik is a relatively straightforward surgery to perform. However, a successful Lasik procedure is 100% dependent on the most accurate, detailed preoperative evaluation. We are meticulous in our approach, using the best of the best technology and equipment. As a surgeon performing the procedure, I factor in every aspect of a patient’s ocular health including the retina, the possibility of future glaucoma, and most importantly, the lifestyle and postoperative goals of the patient. In our practice, 5-10 percent of patients that come in for consideration of the Z-Lasik procedure are not considered viable candidates because of medical indicators both in the short and long term. Before we will medically clear a patient for Z-Lasik, the patient must meet our criteria for candidacy. Some doctors will perform Lasik on less than ideal candidates but we are not willing to take the risks on behalf of our patient population.”

Every patient of North Columbus Eye Center goes through a thorough screening and evaluation process as well as a very extensive physician consultation with complete preoperative and postoperative Lasik education. These patients are thoroughly educated and fully informed on the results and safety of this procedure and know beyond a doubt, as with any surgical procedure, although extremely rare in Lasik, complications may occur including glare at night and dry eyes. Both medical science and the technology companies have worked for many years to address any and all potential risks as well as reduce the possible side effects that may accompany Lasik. Our surgeon has personally observed a significant reduction in dry eyes and glare at night with the addition of the newest lasers and technologies that they utilize at North Columbus Eye Center.

The Dr. Oz show on Lasik foregoes the truth about Lasik in general. Considering the overwhelming majority of procedures performed today are highly successful and the outcomes are remarkable on behalf of the patients. This show diminished the successes and blatantly misrepresents the statistics by stating that Lasik does not work and that a significant number of patients revert back to their pre-Lasik vision and most patients develop dry eye. With thousands of Z-Lasik procedures performed to date, North Columbus Eye Center has the ability to review and verify our statistics.  Certainly most of our patients following their Z-Lasik procedure achieve 20/20 vision or better. Additionally, rarely do our patients require a supplemental enhancement following Z-Lasik.

While dry eye is always possible following a Lasik procedure notably during the first few months postoperatively, this condition is rarely permanent. With the advent of femtosecond laser technology, surgeons can now create thinner corneal flaps. These smaller flaps contribute to improved surgical outcomes including the reduction of dry eye syndrome. In the event a patient does develop dry eye, even in the short term, we have medicines and other protocols to help manage this successfully.

Rarely do we receive complaints about nighttime halos that the Dr. Oz show has reported is common following Lasik. Nighttime glare that may occur following Lasik has been reduced significantly thanks to wavefront optimized and high definition laser technology offered at North Columbus Eye Center.

The successes appreciated at North Columbus Eye Center can be attributed in large part to the number of patient referrals who are happy with their results. And, despite the claims of the Dr. Oz show, several  doctors have undergone Z-Lasik as well as sent us their wives and children over the years.  Our own staff has had Z-Lasik and they continue to be an advocate for this life-changing procedure.

Military Experience: Public confidence in LASIK has grown in recent years due to the solid success rate of LASIK surgery outcomes. The U.S. military also has adopted widespread use of laser eye surgery to decrease reliance of troops on corrective eyewear. As of 2008, more than 224,000 military personnel had undergone laser vision correction. Since the procedure first was introduced in the military in 2000, researchers have conducted more than 45 studies regarding safety and effectiveness of LASIK and other procedures. LASIK outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive. Most military patients see 20/20 or better after the procedure without corrective eyewear, and the rate of complications has been very low. According to one study, only one in 112,500 patients could not perform his duties due to complications from laser vision correction during this eight-year period.

We invite you to come to our office for a complimentary screening and comprehensive evaluation appointment. We are meticulous in our approach. Learn why countless patients have both selected and recommend Z-LASIK to their friends and family at North Columbus Eye Center for their vision correction procedures. Learn more about Z-Lasik and the many other vision correction procedures performed at North Columbus Eye Center at