How Long Does LASIK Last?

One of the frequently asked questions regarding LASIK surgery is “ How long does LASIK last? ”  The answer to that question is, “It varies.”  Although LASIK, and especially the newer technique known as Z-LASIK, offers significant improvement for those with vision problems, there are some things the procedure cannot correct.

Natural Aging Process

The first thing to remember when asking, “ How long does LASIK last? ” is that with the aging process of our human bodies, come different challenges.  Eyes age just as much as knees and hips, and LASIK surgery cannot stop the natural aging of eyes, just as arthroscopic surgery can not stop the aging of your knees.


When people reach their 40s and 50s, they often begin experiencing a condition known as presbyopia.  This occurs when the lenses in your eyes lose elasticity, becoming more rigid, causing the eyes to be unable to focus on printed matter or computer screens that are close.  It becomes evident when people hold menus at arm’s length or squint at their computer screen.  Moving closer to the printed matter makes the condition worse.  Because presbyopia is caused by a problem with the lens, and not the cornea, LASIK surgery cannot correct it.  How long does LASIK last depends on how long it takes a patient to develop presbyopia.  The majority of adults develops the condition after the age of 40.

Permanent Solution

The true answer to the question, “ How long does LASIK last? ” truly depends on the patient.  Although LASIK permanently corrects common adult eye problems in most patients, some patients do require adjustments after the initial procedure.  The length of time that LASIK lasts is based on each individual patient.

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