How Dr. C Gave Me Life Changing Results

Like most folks who wear glasses or contacts, I’d often considered what life would be like to be free from corrective lenses. Lasik seemed like a great option, as I had heard many first-hand experiences of how life-changing the procedure can be.

Debra Hazeldine
Auburn swimming heads team on Tuesday August 24, 2010 in Auburn Al.
Todd Van Emst

After much consideration, I looked online and found a local “discount” eye doctor. I figured anyone with an MD behind his or her name should be trustworthy, right?

Wow, what a lesson learned. I went in for a consultation and the doctor convinced me he could do the procedure immediately. An alarm should have gone off in my head. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

I had my procedure, and the next day my results weren’t at all what I expected.  They certainly weren’t anything close to the amazing 20/15 vision some of my friends had. I was devastated, and what’s worse, the doctor wouldn’t even see me afterwards. A technician at the clinic told me to “wear sunglasses and come back in two months.”

My vision continued to worsen until I was almost legally blind in my left eye.

My career began to suffer. As a Swim Team administrator at a local major university, I was required to do large amounts of paperwork and computer work. This was now a much tougher task.

Others I knew had LASIK procedures and raved about their results. I wanted those same results, but I didn’t know what to do at this point.

Enter Dr. Joseph Ceravolo

I found out about Dr. Joseph Ceravolo from a friend. I really did my homework this time and found, unlike my previous physician, he had an impeccable record. I called the office and experienced caring like I have never experienced by a physician and his staff. Their surgery consultant spoke with me at length and soon I was scheduled to see Dr. Ceravolo himself, or Dr. C as his patients fondly call him. He performed a thorough examination me and gave me great hope.

After two restorative procedures, I remember the very day I was able to throw my Frisbee to my dog and look up to see down the street. It was CRYSTAL CLEAR. I just started to cry with joy. FINALLY, what I had wanted all along, AMAZING VISION.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Ceravolo’s expertise and the wonderful patient care I received. EVERYONE there was genuinely invested in my eye health. I even had Dr. C’s personal cell phone number, and he came in early on a Saturday morning to keep a close watch on me. For a period following my procedures, I visited with him weekly so he could keep a close eye on me

Did I receive great results? YES

Would I trust anyone else with my eyes? NO WAY

I can’t stress enough how vital it is that you have your procedure by the right surgeon. When you do, having LASIK is beautiful thing.

I LOVE my new vision. I trust Dr. C so much that he is now performing my 24-year-old-daughter’s Z-LASIK procedure.  She is looking forward to receiving the same great results I now have because of Dr. C!!!